Why are they doing this? - Dog Training

"Actually" the times are past, in which dogs were maltreated with spiked collars, leash prints, pressing on the ground. "Actually" it is today natural to educate dogs with rewards for good behavior. Or not? Where does it come from that many people are still of the unalterable opinion that dogs should be shown who is the boss?

Like a Boss

How come?
Well, let's face it. The nice handling of the dog is not (yet) a given. I still see a lot of people who put a collar on the dog as tight as possible to jerk it when he pulls on the leash. Who, without thinking about it, drag the dog behind them on a walk, if they want to sniff somewhere for a longer time. Who press him on the ground or turn him on his back and hold him by the neck when they want to discipline him. And as so often I ask myself the question: "WHY FOR HELL DO THIS???

Pulling on the leash
Well, it's not so completely incomprehensible to me. Even in my early days I still learned how to throw a dog with taste on its back. But hey, that was 15 years ago! In the meantime a lot has changed. So why does this still exist?

Don't make a mistake!
I personally believe that we humans have a massive problem with "mistakes" through our upbringing. "Mistakes" always mean something like "Someone has to take the blame! This is the case when the children have not cleaned up their room and are grounded for it. And this also applies to dog training. Then, of course, it is always the dog who makes a mistake because he barks at another dog and must be punished for it. If we spent as much time thinking about how we could best support the dog in a stressful situation as we do thinking about which punishment methods are most effective (what would it be? Water on the face? jerk of the leash? knee kick to the soft tissues?), this could result in really efficient training.

mistakes are not bad

The only problem is that unwanted behavior can often not be suppressed that easily. So it may well be that your dog, who is maltreated with a water pistol every time a jogger comes along, will eventually get such a hatred for joggers that he not only barks but bites if someone comes too close. And the more violent the dog becomes, the more severe the punishments for his "mistakes" become. Evil vicious circle.

No, even in the year 2020 positive dog training is still no common sense. Unfortunately. The more important it is to show again and again how fast and effective nice dog training is. And how much fun it is. Not only the owner, but also the dog. We are working on it!

Happy Dog